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  • HKEMC - Mission, objective and philosophy
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  • Mission, objective and philosophy
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  • Our mission

    Our mission is to encourage, promote and develop mediation as the leading and most popular method to resolve resolutions. We aim to develop harmony in society, the workplace, family, neighbourhood and business environment in Hong Kong, and encourage people to use the skills of mediation in their daily life for the avoidance of disputes.

    Our objective

    In order to achieve our mission, our objectives are:

    Our philosophy

    HKEMC believes in the philosophy of providing mediation services to clients as an efficient and affordable option for those who are open to settle their matters outside the court. Unlike other mediation service providers, we provide an all-inclusive package of mediation on a time basis without many miscellaneous charges.

    We want to be chosen not only for the quality of our professional mediation but also for our ability to deliver that quality at an affordable price which our clients regard as good value for money. We recognise that it is our clients’ concept of value for money and not ours which is important.