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  • (1) Accreditation Process for Family Mediators to become General Mediators

    (i) 2-day Conversion seminar (compulsory)
    The 2-day seminar explains the difference between a family mediation training course and a general mediation training course. The purpose of the seminar is to prepare the candidate for HKMAAL Stage 2 Assessment.

    (ii) Two HKMAAL Stage 2 Assessments
    For family accredited mediators, the candidate is required to complete at least two HKMAAL simulated general (non-family) mediation cases.

    (2) Accreditation Process for General Mediators to become Family Mediators

    (i) 4-day Conversion Course (compulsory)
    An independent course provider conducts the 4-day conversion course for General mediators seeking to become family mediators.

    (ii) HKMAAL to assign family supervisor to assessee
    (a) HKMAAL assigns approved family supervisor to assessee by rotation.
    (b) The family supervision fee be capped at HK$12,000 (15 hours) per live supervision and an administrative fee of HK$2,000 from assessee.
    (c) HKMAAL should allocate 10 hours for supervised co-mediation stage.

    source : http://www.hkmaal.org.hk