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  • How to become a Family Mediator

    Applicants who wish to become a qualified mediator must have at least two years of work experience, otherwise the applications will not be accepted.

    Stage 1 - Preliminary

    a. In order to qualify for accreditation as a family mediator, a candidate is required to meet the following preliminary requirements :-

    b. In addition, a candidate must satisfactorily complete a basic family mediation training course or courses of 50 hours minimum duration approved by the HKMAAL.

    Stage 2 - Supervised Live Family Mediation

    A trainee who has completed the basic 50 hours Family Mediation Training (Stage 1), must then participate in two live family mediations under the supervision of a Supervisor. The trainee may refer to the HKMAAL's website for a list of approved Supervisors.

    The trainee may nominate a supervisor from the list subject to their consent. The Supervisor may accept, turn down, or wait list the applicant in consideration of personal capacity, caseload, language and cultural compatibility.

    A supervision fee (to be agreed in writing between the supervisor/the agency to which the Supervisor belongs and the trainee) will be paid by the trainee to the Supervisor/Supervisor's agency as the case may be for the supervision service and which fee shall in no event exceed the amount as set out in Fee Schedule. For approved Supervisors in private practice, this fee will be in addition to normal client fees. The source of case referrals and venue for the supervised mediations are to be negotiated between the Supervisor and the trainee.

    A Supervisor, who agrees to co-mediate with or live supervise a trainee, will co-mediate or live supervise only one case with a trainee. Each case shall be of a minimum of five hours and must be sufficiently complex for the trainee to demonstrate the ability to manage emotional intensity and mediate complex financial and child related matters.

    The Supervisor will provide a feedback discussion of not less than 30 minutes after each mediation session and will complete and sign an evaluation form (Form 1) within 14 days of the end of the mediation. The Supervisor shall be as thorough and comprehensive as possible in the feedback discussions and in the completion of Form 1. A copy of Form 1 shall be provided to the trainee.

    The trainee will be required to complete the self-evaluation form (Form 2(F)) and obtain completed client evaluation forms (Form 3(F)), if possible, at the end of the mediation and forward these to the Supervisor.

    The responsibility of obtaining the client evaluation forms (Form 3(F)) is the responsibility of the trainee.

    To learn more about the Guidelines for Trainee Mediators, please click here.

    Stage 3 - Advanced Training Course

    Satisfactory completion of an advanced family mediation training course approved by HKMAAL. Stage 3 may be completed before Stage 2.

    A Stage 3 advanced family mediation training course must be completed by no later than 3 years from the date of satisfactory completion of Stage 1 basic family mediation training course.

    Stage 4 - Application

    On completion of stages 1, 2 and 3 candidates may apply to HKMAAL for accreditation using Form MA1; the Supervisor's signed evaluation sheets (Form 1) together with evaluation sheets from clients (Form 3(F)), if available, and trainee self-evaluation sheets (Form 2(F)) shall be submitted at the same time. *

    Prior to accreditation being approved, a candidate for mediation accreditation may be called by the HKMAAL to take part in an accreditation assessment including a personal interview and a possible further live family mediation supervised by an accredited supervisor chosen by HKMAAL who must submit a completed Form 1 in connection with the further live family mediation.

    Candidates who are accredited may, subject to complying with all the requirements, choose to have their names included on the Panel of HKMAAL Accredited Family Mediators.

    To learn more about the supervision process for accreditation of family mediators, please click here.

    Important Notes

    Fee Schedule

      Fees in HK$
    Application for Mediator Accreditation / re-assessment fee per assessment / re- assessment (non-refundable) 600*
    Application fee for Exemption from any or all of the stages of the accreditation requirement 600*
    Panel maintenance fee per category per calendar year (July to June) 900*

    * Cheques to be made payable to "Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited" upon submission of application.

    source : http://www.hkmaal.org.hk