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    Candidates seeking to be an accredited mediator of the HKMAAL must have at least 3 years full-time working experience prior to submitting their application for consideration by the HKMAAL Mediation Accreditation Committee (MAC).

    Stage 1 - Training Course

    Satisfactory completion of a HKMAAL approved mediation training course of 50 hours minimum duration.

    Stage 2 - Assessment

    Mediate at least two HKMAAL simulated general (non-family) mediation cases.
    After successful completion of two HKMAAL simulated general (non-family) mediation cases, a candidate is required to obtain 2 completed Form 1 with comments from the assessor on the candidate’s performance, indicating that the candidate has satisfied the HKMAAL that an acceptable level of competence as a mediator has been achieved.

    Dates of Stage 2 Assessments:

    27 & 28 January 2014
    25 & 26 March 2014 (tentative)
    24 & 25 April 2014(tentative)
    27 & 28 May 2014(tentative)
    26 & 27 June 2014(tentative)

    To learn more about the HKMAAL Stage 2 Assessment, please click here.

    Passing rate of HKMAAL Stage 2 Assessments.

    * For the purpose of registering for the HKMAAL Stage 2 Assessments, please provide the following details to us (hkmaal@hkmaal.org.hk):

    Stage 3 - Application

    After completion of stages 1 and 2, candidates may apply to HKMAAL for accreditation attaching the following:

    The above fees should be made payable to the "Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited".

    Prior to accreditation being approved, a candidate for mediation accreditation may be called by the HKMAAL to take part in an accreditation assessment including a personal interview and a possible further simulation supervised by a suitably qualified person chosen by the HKMAAL who must submit a completed Form 1 in connection with the further simulation.

    Candidates who are accredited may, subject to complying with all the requirements, choose to have their names included on the Panel of HKMAAL Accredited General Mediators.

    For the purpose of assessing applications for accreditation, the Stage 2 assessment result shall be valid for 3 years from the date of the notification of that result.

    Important Notes

    Fee Schedule

      Fees in HK$
    Application for Mediator Accreditation / re-assessment fee per assessment / re- assessment (non-refundable) 600*
    Application fee for Exemption from any or all of the stages of the accreditation requirement 600*
    Panel maintenance fee per category per calendar year (July to June) 900*

    * Cheques to be made payable to "Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited" upon submission of application.

    source : http://www.hkmaal.org.hk