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  • The Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited ("HKMAAL") recognises that the skills of a successful mediator are largely unrelated to the type of dispute. A mediator having specialist knowledge of the type of dispute may however facilitate settlement in some cases. It is not felt to be part of the normal accreditation process to assess the specialist knowledge of potential panel members. Parties seeking mediation are usually well equipped to assess the relevance of specialist knowledge and to select a mediator accordingly. The exception to this rule is in the area of family mediation. In this area, specialist knowledge of family law and dynamics is required.

    In light of the above, the HKMAAL maintains two panels of accredited mediators:-
    (1) General Panel; and
    (2) Family Panel.

    An individual may qualify for both panels but as few people are expected to seek such dual accreditation, the two panels have therefore separate accreditation procedures.

    Objectives of Accreditation of Mediators

    The accreditation system is designed with three objectives:
    1. to safeguard the minimum professional standard of mediation practice in Hong Kong;
    2. to help the public best utilize the existing mediation expertise in Hong Kong; and
    3. to encourage further professional advancement of accredited mediators.

    HKMAAL Requirements to be an Accredited General Mediator or Family Mediator

    Accreditation requirements as a General Mediator, and accreditation requirements as a Family Mediator.


    Candidates who can demonstrate extensive mediation experience may be granted exemption from any or all of the stages of the accreditation requirements. A request for exemption must be made in writing and accompanied by all relevant supporting documentation together with a cheque for HK$600 being the application fee made payable to "Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited"

    Panel Membership

    The HKMAAL List of Panel Members will be maintained by the HKMAAL and the lists will be available on the HKMAAL's website (www.hkmaal.org.hk).
    Successful candidates will be required to provide a C.V. as per Form MA5. Panel membership will be for a 1-year period. Renewal of membership will be subject to the annual panel maintenance fee and the panel member demonstrating to the HKMAAL Mediation Accreditation Committee that the panel member in question has undertaken the CPD (continuing professional development) requirements as set out in CPD.


    Inclusion on an HKMAAL Panel of Mediators will be subject to an application assessment fee per category of assessment and a panel maintenance fee per category per year (June to May), payable not later than 31 August , as set out below.

    Fee Schedule

    Note: Any and all of the fees are subject to change at the discretion of the HKMAAL Council.

      Fees in HK$
    Application for Mediator Accreditation / re-assessment fee per assessment / re- assessment (non-refundable) 600*
    Application fee for Exemption from any or all of the stages of the accreditation requirement 600*
    Panel maintenance fee per category per calendar year (July to June) 900*

    * Cheques to be made payable to "Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited" upon submission of application.

    source : http://www.hkmaal.org.hk