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  • The HKEMC Mediation Certificate programme is a series of training workshops (50 hours), which aim to provide professional training on mediation knowledge, skills, processes and procedures through studying practical problems in real-life mediation. Students are equipped to become accredited professional mediators.

    Our Mediation Training is suitable for people from different walks of life from Accountants, Civil Servants, Corporate Executives, Senior Management, Corporate Communications Managers and anyone wishing to improve their conflict resolution skills for everyday use, assist to communicate effectively, manage differences and resolve disputes.

    We provide both hands-on training and a clear framework to enable participants to work effectively with parties involved in disputes who need help. We will consider conflicts in a broad range of situations enabling you to feel confident to work effectively with conflict in a variety of settings.

    Benefits of Professional Mediation Training Programme

    Participants who complete our HKEMC mediation certificate programme will be eligible for a certificate for 50-hour education program from HKEMC.

    After attending our Professional Mediation Training Programme, we will give opportunities to our students in our centre to observe live cases. Also, you will be able to assist to conduct a mediation session (with the consent of the parties). Also, we will give mentorship to students who are accredited mediator of HKEMC to become experienced mediators by supervising them in handling live cases. Through the above learning, the students will understand more about the common standards of conduct and ethical considerations for mediators; handle difficult conversations, facilitate problem solving and avoid escalation; and recognize your own interpersonal dynamics of being a mediator.

    What do you get from this training?

    You will get a standard 50 hours mediator training, along with a copy of a Comprehensive Mediation Course Manual. You will also have the opportunity to practice your skills at real mediation session.

    What is next after the basic Mediation training?

    You will have the opportunity to choose your specialties for your mediation practice as well as join various professional organizations.