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  • Why train with HKEMC
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  • Why need mediation training
  • Why train with HKEMC
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  • HKEMC provides quality mediation training workshops for different walks of life. You'll get skills, knowledge, and practical applications from our various types of HKEMC mediation training.

    Practical Skills

    Participants learn the actual process of mediating. People challenge themselves, gain insights and leave with confidence to use complex mediation skills.

    Comprehensive Course Manual

    A comprehensive Course Manual provides participants with an invaluable resource as part of the workshop and a reference guide beyond it.

    Practical Real Mediation Session

    Our mediation training courses offers a lot of role-playing sessions allows participants to learn the skills of mediation in a safe space with one-on-one feedback from experienced coaches.

    Who Benefits from Mediation Skills?

    Anyone who works with people and is interested in learning the art of conflict resolution: from organizational development, human resource professionals, school principals, social workers, trainers, managers, etc.