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  • Youth Mediation Training Workshop
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    Mediation is regarded as one of the most effective methods for resolving disputes between parties. It is common place for disputes and complaints to arise from students and mediation not only can resolve conflicts from these parties but can also foster the better relationships to create a harmonious learning environment between students to parents and teachers.


    Our course aims at teaching students to make use of mediation skills to put themselves in the position of others, to deal with emotions first then resolve the problem, to compare the best and the worst alternatives and find the best solution to resolve the conflict. Through participating in our specifically designed role-play scenarios, which are highly interactive and interesting, students are given the opportunity to play the roles of mediators, the parties in conflict and the solicitors.

    In order to achieve the goal of the activity, students must follow the instruction and complete all the missions, utilizing different thinking processes and communication skills to resolve problems. With the professional guidance from our instructor, students can make use of the skills taught and apply to their daily lives.



    Our workshop will be conducted by an accredited mediator who has extensive experience in teaching mediation skills for various cases and the workshop will be conducted in Cantonese and English.

    Target Participants

    Primary School - Grade 4 to Grade 6 and Secondary School - Form 1 to Form 3

    Certificate of attendance will be issued once complete the one day mediation workshop.